Generations of paddling

Who doesn’t love sitting in a waterfall? Feeling the cool water splashing on your back and shoulders. Running your fingers through the bubbles and cascading water. A perfect way to spend the day.

My father came across these falls and took our family over in a small motor boat. We spent many hot summer days basking in the glory of nature, and jumping off the cliffs nearby. How lucky we are in the Pnw to have a gem like this, so close to home.

I myself have paddled to Horseshoe lake falls, to many times to count. I really enjoy getting out there and showing others how to enrich their lives. Have yaks will travel! Sometimes we’ve even made a shuttle service when there’s not enough room for everyone. That can be quite a workout.

In years past my girls have taken to swimming the long stretch, as a feat in athleticism. Recently my oldest daughter has taken to bringing her friends to discover the beauty of these falls. People from all walks of life deserve to enjoy this beauty.

What a better way to preserve memories for our generations, than with nature. I hope that people like us and you continue to keep areas like this litter free and beautiful for our children. Who doesn’t love sitting in a waterfall!

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