Liberty lake loop and the Bermuda triangle

Liberty lake loop is a lowland hike that is accessible most seasons. It boasts a roaring waterfall in the spring, lake access, and a 8 mile hike. I have hiked this at least a dozen times, never have I had a GPS stat of 8 miles. Perhaps this little hike is like the Bermuda triangle, we hiked it with intention to find out why.

Bearing in mind that my guide-book “100 hikes in the inland northwest” says the loop is 7.5miles, while its older version says 6. We began GPS from the parking area. The main parking area, that charges a small fee in summer, is about a mile away from the trail head. Today were at the secondary lot, and it’s a half mile.

After reaching the trail head, you discover a map. Deciding where to go is simple, as the trail is a loop. We head towards the grove of the cedars. Along the way there’s seemingly four other trails that head east. Two of the first trails are the other end of the loop, the last two trails add to the Bermuda triangle.20170726_121840

After reaching the grove, expect to hit those switch backs, then up to the waterfall! I can sincerely attest that this hike can be as grueling in 98 degree weather, as is in 40 degree pouring rain. 20170726_132549

Back on the trail, head up more switchbacks to the Hughes cabin reconstructed by various boy scout troops. 20170726_133704


Now here we are again faced with a few choices, there’s also a trail that boast more hiking. Intent on looping we continue the 4.6 miles. It must be said that the loop is frequent to trail maintenance. Volunteers dig trenches, rebuild bridges, cut brush and other work to keep it well maintained. However the trail seems to entice some miscreants also. As portrayed in the constant sign vandalism, seems a little Bermuda triangley.20170726_140556_HDRFrom the Hughes cabin we descend gradually, and not so gradually, making our loop down by the lake. Once we reach the valley again we are faced with a few trail choices.20170726_153502Now knowing that the loop can connect with the equestrian trails, also sheds some light on the subject. Perhaps this is what happened the day my GPS said 14 miles. After circling around and rejoining the main trail my party and I were a little turned around. Again with the Bermuda triangle feel, we couldn’t be on the main trail, we hadn’t rock hopped the bog. Continuing in the direction toward the lake we once again found the trail head.

Upon completion again of the liberty lake loop, I still find it somewhat confusing. Perhaps it is inland northwest’s own Bermuda triangle. This day upon completion of our hike, we GPS in at over 9 miles.  However many miles it takes you to do this hike is amazingly beautiful, despite it’s length.20170726_123704

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