20170808_10010220170808_195539The bridge of the Gods, named by a native tribe many moons ago. We begin our section hike of the pacific crest trail here. This trip Floyd and I are packing 180 miles. We plan to hike 9 miles a day, and would like to enjoy our trip. Here’s our story.

We began our trip on a greyhound bus heading from Spokane Wa. It really wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. The station was clean, but 6 hours on a bus, not fun. Our bus ran late, which is why our hike begins in the morning.20170808_175709 Once we reached Hood river Oregon we called the taxi. The gorge yellow cab picked us up, with a witty driver. It’s about a 20 mile cab ride. 55 buckaroos later we pulled into the marina camp. 20170808_193755After a most beautiful sunset, Floyd and I are ready to hit the hay. Tommorow is a new day and the adventure continues!


2 thoughts on “Tahmanhnah

  1. Wow, Jacque this pretty cool! Let me know how far south you eventually travel. I live in the Southern Sierra’s now. Be safe! Have fun!


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