Tumultuous Table Mt.

20170810_083235_Burst018/10 Were up at 5 am, packing camp and filtering water. Hiking until noon and hoping to beat the extreme, muggy heat. Were not the only hikers switching tactics. Last night a we heard a few hikers taking to the dark of night, fighting mother nature.20170810_091056

Up,Up,Up…Dr. Suess. 3000 feet in elevation. The sweat drips, the salt burns our eyes. Staying hydrated, were carrying 11 litres for the day between us. In the afternoon we rest. By 4pm were packed and ready to keep at the tumultuous climb. To infinity and beyond!20170810_110255

There’s a trail detour along the road, that adds an extra mile to our day. We’ve had some descent today, and cried out to the mountain! You will not beat me! My feet hurt, my back hurts, my calves scream. Drink the water…climb…repeat. We use various electrolyte supplements, every other litre of. water. 20170810_155937

We reach camp late in the evening. The wind whistles through the huckleberry bushes. The sun is setting, we have 4.5 litres left of water between us. We have heard rumor that there’s water in the ditch. It’s a half mile away, glad we have water filters. We try to conserve the water between us, but were so thirsty. We eat some beef sticks for dinner, not wanting to waste our h2o on rehydrating food! When we get to rock creek I’m going to drink water untill my heart is content!20170811_085721

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