Water witching.

20170811_1220078/11, There is no water in the trough. Averaging about 8 miles a day, this is very bad news. Rock creek is almost 5 miles. We have 2.5 litres left of h20, were dehydrated and thirsty. We’re in the middle of the 12 mile stretch.20170811_104147

Perhaps it’s my medical background and knowledge, that is causing my anxiety and fear, or perhaps I’m crazy. We’re not going to make it! Our electrolytes are screwed up, were going to become incoherent and die here! We need water! 20170811_120045 Somewhere in the back of my head I hear Captain Jack Sparrow asking, what about the rum? There is no rum Jack. It’s time to put my big girl panties on. There will be no; whining, crying, dilly-dallying, or himmin and hawing. 20170811_120458So we book our butts down the mountain as fast as safely possible. We share what water is left, and take a few very short breaks. Even though were descending, the way is rough. That’s the inevitable raw truth of Pct, though. 20170811_130639After about 4.5 miles we find a trickle of water. Filling our filter bags, we begin to gulp like crazy. I LOVE WATER! Then my stomach begins to cramp. Floyd and lay back and sip, were going to be okay! We eat some nuts, it’s our first meal. We were so worried about water, food ment nothing.20170811_163916At rock creek we strip down to skivies and hop in. It’s been a hard day. It’s been a hard trip. We reevaluate life and the trail. Were not going to make it to Chinook pass, so we set a new goal Trout lake. Or maybe the next road we come to….

One thought on “Water witching.

  1. Struggles, challengesand life evaluations is what a trip like this is all about. If it was easy, every body would do it. Super energy vibes sent your way


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