Comfort and conversation

20170812_151618_HDR8\12 We spent the night at a camp by water, along with some trail companions. Trail conversation is so very different from the everyday conversations we have. People on the trail talk of; water ( the lack and abundance), terrain ( ascends, descends, fords, washout’s, technical area’s) and of course gear, and other trails. It’s fun to hear where people are from. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen most countries represent. The Pct is like an international trail highway in august. All the northbounder’s are in route or in Washington. Plenty of southbounder’s heading to mexico. The weekends are full of weekender’s and of course there’s plenty of section hikers about.20170812_151346_HDRSo far Floyd and I have been traveling through a dense forest. There have been no beautiful vista’s. Only tree’s and tree’s and more, you guessed it, tree’s. I’m kinda disappointed, but we carry on. Washington is not going to hike itself for me.20170812_134501_HDROur cheap backpacks we bought online, are a pain. By the end of this trip, our packs will be carabinered, and tied in little knots to our backs with rope. There also to heavy. In hindsight, I really wished we would have considered resupply more fully. The packs are also very ill-fitting. There’s about a 4 inch gap from my shoulder to my pack, so considering leverage… However we keep on keeping on.20170812_172047_HDRWe actually have a very interesting day, to break the monotony.At some point during our day a hiker from france took a tumble-down the trail. Floyd helped him up, and he was fine. We took lunch at Bluebird Intermediate( skier joke) see pick below. Where we came across another hiker on his knees. He chatted a while, all I could say was” I feel ya bro”.20170812_164220_HDRWhat is comfort on the Pct? Laying on my sides hurts, my back hurts, not even laying on my stomach, because yes it hurts too. Maybe taking a break….Just kidding my bottom is soar also. Sitting and constantly crouching to dig in your pack…. Awe yes still uncomfortable.20170812_175319We make camp at a little ditch out. A spot not on our gps, but packed down and slept in before. About now I’m realizing that I’m kinda sick. Like I’m running a fever. Perhaps I have been all along? Whose to say? I was so jacked for this trip, and now I’m wearing all my warmies, snuggled in my bag. Time for the ibrophen. The mice riddle us all night. Constantly trying to jack our food. “Washington is all mice and mountain’s” Pct quote.

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