It’s FLAT!

20170813_142514_HDR8/13 After the attack of the midnight minions, Floyd and I descended to trout creek.  There’s also a nice view, with another hiker enjoying the ambience. I’m still enjoying the descent and it’s time for a big hot brunch!20170813_141434_HDR20170813_113433_HDRI really thought we would hit the pavement and make a break out of here! Without a word about that, we look at each other “IT’S FLAT!” Flat is a rather lucrative term Pct hikers flip flamboyantly. It means not climbing 1000’s of feet.20170813_122003_HDR20170813_145333_HDRAfter all that cresting, we’re ecstatic and run along happy and gay all day!20170813_145434_HDREven crossing some trail magic!20170813_162216_HDR.jpgAt Wind river we meet an aussie thru hiker. His mood jives with ours!  “We’re bada$$ hikers” he exclaims about Pct. Hikers. I certainly feel like I am.20170813_163402_HDR20170813_162326_HDRHowever, bluebird intermediate pops up again and my ski brain says….your not that cool!20170813_171626_HDRSo we run as fast as we can with our breaking packs to panther creek! Where civilization will end again. Will we tarry on or duck out? Stay tuned!20170813_170543_HDR

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