Zero for nothing

20170818_124950_HDR8/14 At panther creek, we decide to take a zero. With the backpacks falling apart and my persistent fevers, it’s time to reevaluate the situation. I really don’t want to hand carry my pack! Floyd however is doing a great job at the jimmy-rigging.20170814_182657_HDRWe rest up and use all the supplements we brought. Moringa, which tastes like a bog, is supposed to help flush and detox. Maca of Inca, for strength and endurance. Super food smoothie, has everything under the sun. Probably in 5 years people will have some bad side effects from all the weird supplements. I’m just asking for a miracle.20170814_112938_HDRWe drink the muscle milk, and plenty of nuun, to replace electrolytes. A lot of the other hikers seem to have the staypuff marshmallow man syndrome today to. It’s almost as if your body fights back saying ” if you can’t hydrate me, I will retain my own water!”. I’ve also been pretty heavy on the ibrophen, and this sinus and allergy medicine. Somethings got to give.

We’ve set our goals for trout lake. There is easy access to humanity, and it’s 40 miles away. No further than we have gone, 6,000 feet up and 5,500 feet down. Even if things get worse halfway it’s 2 days out. We’re both feeling better and in the morning we climb! Feeling confident and full of Faith!

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