The miles

20170816_101702_HDR8/16 The miles are getting easier, as the views become more fantastic!20170816_110108_HDRBy the end of the day, were planning on being at the outskirts of the Indian heaven wilderness. Which is a highly regulated designated camping area. We’re trying to plan our days through, while a bidding the rules.20170816_131259_HDRSo we are heading to sheep lake. At least there’s plenty of berries.20170816_135805_HDRLots of water.20170816_144448_HDRA lot of the day is spent circumventing a huge basalt field. We must be close to Mt St. Helens. In fact the trail has kind off a grey ashy ground. This is a great 20170816_162018_HDRplace for horses.20170816_152753_HDRCoffee at crested butte. We arrive at sheep lake late evening. It’s really just a pond. Glad we have water filters…mmmm yummy warm bog water. Can’t complain though!20170816_172053_HDR

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