Down the trail

20170818_105601_Burst01Mileage out here is a funny thing. There’s all kinds of apps, maps and markers. We use the pct halfmile app, but it would be nice to have some other refrence. We tend to do more miles than we actually think. Considering that our camp was over a half a mile away and our water resupply was too. 20170818_134406_HDRSo as the day went by, we began to realize that the rest of Indian heaven was not as restricted as we thought. We could have camped anywhere after blue lake, only certain areas were regulated. 20170818_100257_HDR20170818_130736_HDR20170818_132923_HDRThe terrain was beautiful! We came across some other section hikers, and chatted a bit. They started at mt. Adams somewhere and were heading to cascade locks. We also came across some horsemen looking for a place to water their mounts.20170818_140621_HDRAt about 15 miles, we set up camp. We’re going to stick with ending at Trout lake. Our bags are in shambles and I am feeling better. However wonderful keeping going sounds, having this good solid replan is best.20170818_164333_HDR20170818_172801_HDR20170818_134933_HDR

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