“You are never alone” PCT 2017.

20170819_103606_Burst018/19 “Be strong, be courageous, be fearless.” Joshua 1:9. In the morning we hit the nearest road and try to hitch a ride to Trout lake. “I should have brought a skirt” makes the guys laugh as I stick my thumb out. I hadn’t hitchhiked since I was a teen, this wasn’t a shady deal though. All heavy laden with my pack on some road in nowhere land, people knew we were hikers. Soon enough we were whizzing along in the back of a truck heading to town!

Trout lake is a place of dreams, for a pct hiker. We had been hearing stories about it for days! Really it seemed like Disneyland, hot food, rooms, showers! Upon entering the store however, Floyd and I found ourselves in somewhat of a shock. All the sights, sounds and smells were extremely overwhelming. I think I may have spent five minutes petting the cat, and twenty looking through the pct log book. We may have been there an hour before we stepped out to get a grip. Hmmm what to do, eat? Shower?

“Hey pct hikers! Want to go to pct days!” Out of nowhere a door opens and were in a car whizzing along with Mountain Mama, to the Cascade locks. 20170819_101009_HDRWe arrive at the bustling pct days, tired and sore. It takes a while to get everything set, camp, and showers. After we eat some delicious food, we get to peruse all the vendors. Hanging out with other pct hikers feels like home. What does the world view a hiker as; were not all skinny, were not all extremely fit, today were not all dirty. There’s a few distinct qualities that really stand out though; rad calve muscles, general acceptance, and of course the talk of gear, shop and trails.20170819_133253_HDRAs the day wears down and the music plays on, I come to realize that I’m quite feverish. I don’t know if it’s been mind of matter the last few days, or what. In the morning I’ll make a doctor appointment, back home. Home. Our travel plans are completely a cabosh. However, we manage to secure a train ride.20170820_095510It’s been a challenge this year. I’m proud of the progress we made and look forward to next years section hike of Washington. Best of luck to my brothers and sisters still on the trail. Best of luck to anyone willing to start their first mile on the pct. May it never be your last!20170820_183041_HDR

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