Dear America, I don’t want to go to your birthday party

I hate birthday party’s. I hate that here in America; on the weekend, we all sit and eat cake. To what celebrate, obesity, diabetes, your birthday?

Why are most birthday parties scheduled on the weekend? Like, ohhh I could run off to Banff… But little so and so has her 3rd birthday at 2 pm on that Saturday. We can’t miss that! I get it most people are off the weekend. However, should we start to think outside the box? Perhaps we should have a big dinner on thursday for our little jem. Then the hard-working Americans would delight in attending. Instead of enduring a weekend party. All of the little ones friends  moms would be ecstatic, about not having to cook dinner!

Why so here in America we must have cake! On our birthdays? Why not have juice party, or an organic food party? As adults… Who can make the best vegan; non gmo, ect. Food. Lets have a healthy food challenge.

Further more why here in America do we feel the need to center ourselves around food. I mean it’s _m_y birthday! Let’s climb a peak; go on a run, paddle a river! It’s my petite princess birthday, let’s go to the zoo; the water park, the art exhibit.

When my children were younger I would combine their birthdays. In hopes of having attendance. I would make them outrageously fun. However, I’d hope to make my own birthday obsolete. Untill my friends made my own birthday. It’s Jacque’s birthday lets run three miles! Now that friend’s I will attend!

Let’s recenter our lives! Let’s be the best we can! Let’s compete with other countries and win. Your birthday should be about you, not cake.

I’d rather not get older. Though inevitably I will. However, when I’m thrown a party…. You will want to be there! I have some great friends!


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