The summer of paddle. II

FB_IMG_1506456326010I actually did a lot of research about Lake Roosevelt, before we really got into paddling it. Map-of-Lake-Roosevelt-National-Recreation-Area. We planned on starting at the Northport boat launch, any further up sounded dangerous. The water moves quite a bit faster farther north, and the river is less wide. Lucky for us Floyd was available to drop us off and pick us up six days later at Bradbury beach. We were really hoping to have some cell-phone service along the way. I know Floyd was hoping to hear from us, and would be worrying about his girls!FB_IMG_1506456305276As soon as we paddled out of the bay we were donning our life jackets.  The water was way faster than we anticipated and we were headed under a bridge. At this point we were not really rowing, more steering our best to miss those pillars. FB_IMG_1506456315742Immediately following after the bridge, the darndest thing happened. A huge whirlpool about 12 feet wide opened up next to one of the girls kayaks. Our kayaks are may be 10 feet long.  We all kind of looked at it, mouths agape. It was a mutual decision to pretended it didn’t happen, and keep paddling. Why was there a whirlpool? Why did I think we should do this? Were we going to die out here?FB_IMG_1506456329983.jpg

The river continued to rush us down stream. We had started our journey in the afternoon. So dinner time was coming up. I was already worried about a shifty spot  in 7 miles or so-called the dalles. So we pulled of at about five miles and camped in a cow pasture, for the night.FB_IMG_1506456334846The dalles ended up being a narrow way with strange eddies and odd currents. We had no trouble. I guess that after we left Floyd at Northport, the local boys told him a power boat had been dragged under at the dalles the week before.  FB_IMG_1506456310018

Us girl’s however kept on paddling, and had the time of our lives. We were tired, sore, and sunburnt all the time. Day’s were long, but we swam, explored, read books and napped. We camped at the coolest spots. Every minute of every day was beautiful and an adventure. Stay tuned for more excerpts of this epic paddle.

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