The snow peak cabin Represents.

20171020_103002_HDR.jpgThe decision to hike up to the snow peak cabin was on a last-minute whim. Having berated myself for missing this hike for so long, I booked an overnight visit. The cabin runs for 30$ and you may get by without a reservation…. But chances are slim as it’s booked about half the time.20171020_113331_HDR

Speaking of time, we were crunched. Having to leave later in the day, the clock was ticking daylight. The drive up Sherman pass was spectacular! Fall is so beautiful. We had driving directions, but not a good map of the area. Luckily I have a girl-friend in that area, to keep me updated.20171020_123850_HDRShe has been to the cabin before, via the hwy 20, kettle crest trail head. The hike from there is 5 miles and it makes the cabin accessible in winter for back country users. We ended up chancing the summer access at the snow peak trailhead. It wasn’t extremely straight forward; as you take hall mt. rd. To forest road 2050100. Which as we all know forest roads can totes suck, along with them branching off and being gated. It was a gamble, but the trail from there was only 3.2 miles. I really didn’t want to hike in the dark. Tic-toc.20171020_123052_HDRWe reached the trail head at 5pm with the sunset scheduled at about 6:30. The trail here climbs 1300 ft in elevation, intersecting to the kettle crest at about 2.7 miles. The first 1.5 miles packs your elevation gain, then you traverse over easy like. The rain was pouring down and despite our hustle it was dark. Somehow I had misread the directions and thought we would intersect at 2.4 miles not 2.7 .20171020_103747_HDR

What does.3 of a mile have to do with anything? A major meltdown….It’s now dark, were soaking wet and I’m freaking out. We Should Be There By Now! After donning our flashlights and asking the Googs maps. We were 10 feet away from that trail intersect. Typical Jacque move. Another.6 miles to go and it’s dark. Were kind of wandering around trying to find the cabin.20171020_103356_HDRThe cabin was a welcome sight. There was plenty of wood for the stove, and the solar-powered lights worked well. In no time it was toasty warm. We awoke in the morning to a legitimit inch of snow. The hike out was lovely and I plan to reserve and snowshoe in this winter. The snow peak cabin definitely represents.

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