Hawk creek VI

FB_IMG_1506456565285Continuing on the Map-of-Lake-Roosevelt-National-Recreation-Area paddle. Floyd met us girls at seven bays resort and marina on a Saturday. We weren’t in a hurry to get back so we took him paddle camping.

At this point we had paddle 100 miles. It took a long time. Of course then again we really were not in a hurry. Every day was a new adventure. Paddle sore and tired we found Hawk creek a delightful respite.FB_IMG_1506456534101 This truly was an awesome place. From the Columbia you paddle up a small gorge. At first it’s really wide. This picture was taken from one of the caves you can hike up to. Commence paddling past a few beaches and your in a tight gorge surronded by cliffs.FB_IMG_1506456557901 At the end of the canal it opens up to a shallow bay area. There’s a campground. The place is popular to fisherman. Again with big fish swimming under our kayaks.

After paddling this far I have become 1 with the kayak. It feels almost a part of me. With 40 miles left to go I’m well into my goal of paddling all of lake Roosevelt. The water calls to me. Stayed tuned for the final laps. Ten thousand villages

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