The last of the summer wine. VII



This excerpt will be the last in the Epic Lake Roosevelt paddle.  Map-of-Lake-Roosevelt-National-Recreation-Area  . After paddling over 130 miles, I am pleased to announce IT IS DONE! The river has taught me so much; about myself, qualities, strengths, weakness and fears. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about those also. So to complete the saga….the last 25 miles.FB_IMG_1506457033095



The last 25 miles were spent enjoying overnight trips with family and friends. My daughter Hailey, who had recently became a grown up. Was able to find some time to join the historically epic paddle. We paddled from Lincoln to Jones bay, in a 2 day trip.



My friend Leanne and I headed out from Jones bay area and paddled to the Inchelium ferry. It wasn’t very far, again in and out. I was thrilled she could also join the Epic paddle.


But, yet here after 11 years since the spark of this paddle, I had the pleasure of finishing it with my family. With the brunt of the work done with the girls in 2015 it’s only fair that they tied it all together. So after an epic failure hiking year we rewarded ourselves with The Lake Roosevelt completion paddle.


We paddle out of Inchelium ferry to the Plum Point, a couple of miles from the dam. We had a lovely night of owls, skunks and coyotes. Just yet again to wake up and paddle back out.


Am I done paddling the mighty Columbia river? No, I will always return to its shores, as it holds a special place in my heart. I’m so very proud to have finished this accomplishment. Feel free to get a hold of me with Questions about fees, put-ins, weather and what to expect when paddling Lake Roosevelt. I sincerely hope you find the time to embark on even a small portion of this adventure, even if it’s in a power-boat.


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