The Eagles of Beauty bay.

received_1595056560529603Once again it’s everyone’s favorite time of year! Christmas is coming! So stop the madness! Skip the stuffy holiday party, don’t last-minute shop your self to death. The Eagle’s have landed and it’s truly a sight to see! Give your family the best gift ever, take them to see the bald eagles at lake Coeur d’alene.received_1595058060529453

Nestled on the northeast side of lake Coeur d’alene, I90 east bound exit 22 lies Beauty bay. There’s also a great hike here in the Mineral ridge scenic area. Parking is mostly free, but will cost you if you end up at the boat launch. You’ll find the eagles flocking to the area before you leave the freeway. However deedle-dawlding on the freeway is not advised.

Listen, see all the eagles in the tree?

If you go, bring binoculars for sure. This is a great family trip, take your small children, and even grandpa. You literally can watch eagles from the car at different pull-outs. Bring some cocoa and sit still, the entertainment is constant.FB_IMG_1513222778913.jpgPhoto courtesy of Ruth Redmond-Dainty.

It isn’t all bald eagles though. There’s huge native golden eagle’s too. There here flocking to the local salmon run. Land locked salmon cannot reach the ocean, mostly due to river damning. Therefore they have changed to local spawning habitats. Salmon die after spawning.20171213_124315_HDRBesides being majestic, the bald eagle is also a great symbol for USA. They were on the endangered species list from 1967 to 2007. Due to conservation efforts you can see the comeback yourself.

The Coeur d’alene resort has begun offering Eagle cruises, thus monetizing on nature’s bounty. I think it’s quite enough interruption for us to be all gawking from the shore. Do we also need to bring an entourage through their feasting area?



I hope you get the chance to go and see the eagles this season. Christmas time is when they flock. Spokesman review article. Big thanks to Ruth Redmond-Dainty for the beautiful picture. All photo’s were taken this week and last.

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