It started some time this summer. My level 3 PSIA-NW coach said “put in for a scholarship”. Thankfully he continued to chisel this advice at me through the year. I eventually got around to it and picked a ski clinic nearby at mission ridge. I originally thought my whole family would come too, but even the best plans fall through. I got a partial scholarship and set it in play.20180131_175327_HDR20180131_174947_HDRI booked an airbnb in Leavenworth because the winter lights were still on display. It was beautiful! The room was quaint and hostel style, but 20$ with a fridge and microwave. The shower was a bit of a scavenger hunt to find.20180131_170428_HDRMission ridge is a great place to ski. Wenatchee is usually warm but the snow was great! My immersion clinic took me from the boots up. We practiced small ski movement drills to finish into a huge new skiing concept! Our instructors were super rad!20180201_085621_HDR After a long day of drills we were free for a bit. So I took a run before we needed to meet up for video’s and activities. Coming down the mountain I realized I was not doing well.20180201_151350_HDR20180201_150946_HDRUnfortunately I came down with the flu. Waking up the next morning to tears because I had already learned so much. I was very sad to be unable to finish my clinic, however skiing with the flu would be awful.20180131_174542_HDRI’m really glad I had the chance to go! I love learning! Wish I was well.

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