A couple days in Maui.


20180221_174154_HDR “Mom there’s chickens everywhere!” We land in a Maui tropical paradise, and the girls and I are scouting chickens. Their hiding in bushes, under cars, cluck-clucking. Without many large predators, Maui has a chicken infestation. For this trip we were based out of Lahiana, Maui.20180222_112011_HDR
Transportation on the island is prolific. You can rent a car, traffic was terrible. Take the bus, google maps has the schedule on your smart phone. Rent a scooter or a bike, the bikes had convient baskets and came with locks.20180220_095606_HDR
The population seems to have been taken over by 60+ retired mainlanders. Everbody has a condo or time share. The native hawaiins find work in tourism, and farming. Of course there’s other jobs like medicine and construction, but Maui isn’t a booming tech area. There’s plenty of the younger generation scraping by and being insta-famous.20180219_190141_HDR
We had come to Maui to view the under-water garden’s. Black rock, Lahaina was fabulous and safe. However, it’s infamous for tourists, so people are literally on top of each other, in the water and on the beach. After consulting many blogs and cursing traffic we also found 12 to 14 mile a underwater paradise. There were signs up in the area warning of sharks, so use the buddy system. Insider tip Right off the highway just pass the tunnel when driving to Lahaina is the best snorkeling spot on the whole island. You can scramble down the bank to the water or drive a bit further and swim from the beach but the swim is hard because it is against the current. Enjoy!

Maui has a large drainage system, when the rain comes down, the island washes into the ocean. They call it brown water, it’s prolific with waste. If you think about the terrain it makes sense. While the sewers above you drain down, it is an island.20180222_111347_HDR20180221_174542_HDR.jpg


One morning we found ourselves at the local park Honokowai by Lahiana, Maui. The snorkeling wasn’t great due to rip tides. But a young man approached me about herb. We had an interesting conversation about the recent legalization in Washington. It was great to hang with a native, though I declined his offer.



The morning fair was always fresh fruit; bananas, papaya, pineapple, coconut, starfruit, oranges, pumelo and soursop. I purchased the soursop at a an off grid fruit stand up past Honolua bay. The man informed me we were off the grid Maui, like his grandfather before him. Super cool, and no cell service…Loved it!



The girls got distracted by Boss Frogs whale watching 2 for 30$. My Hailey had been down a day with food poisoning so I booked the trip for two. I have been whale watching…. The humpbacks visit Maui November through May. Seriously you can watch them from shore, what a show! This landed us in Maalaea, Maui.


The snorkeling wasn’t great here, the water was murky. However if your searching for solitude or camping out, this is the place. 12 to 14 mile also allowed camping and some solitude, but with highway ambiance! Mahalo!20180219_164049_HDR

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