Come out and play, CS1.


“I’m going to order us up a hot-toddy” Kathy says to me. I don’t really like hot-toddies, and I don’t think it’s appropriate to drink during a children’s clinic. As it turns out hot-toddies are when Smokin Joe the lifty jumps on the chair and warms the seat up for you. I revoke my previous statement, I love hot-toddies!


The entire ski- school culture at Mt. Spokane is a shock to me. Back home I know quite a few of the other employees, ie… lifty’s, maintenance,  cafe’, host’s. However this culture @ Mt Spokane promotes all its employees to team up! Seriously our little clinic couldn’t get 50 feet before more Cat-calls and fist bumps! It was pretty rad!



Of course it was a great clinic run by the overly imaginative, brilliant M. Schanfarber. We swam, swayed, flew planes, and shot some hoops. All this and more, while skiing. Feel free to hit me up on idea’s for kid’s play, instructors. Also if you just want a better understanding of children’s physical ski behavior. I really learned a lot and made some new friends!


One of the cool programs that their ski school has is cadets. Cadets are young skiers above the age of 13 who volunteer to assist in classes. They are expected to do 8 day’s then are eligible for the same perks as non Psia instructors receive in our ski school. So only informal clinics.They can demo for kids, and help pick up the stragglers. Mt. Spokane also runs an hour clinic everyday on the weekend, in the Am before lesson’s.


A wee bit of Gnar all in good humor!

I really enjoyed the time I spent in the Children’s Specialist Clinic. I hope I can bring back some of their culture to our mountain. One big difference I noticed between the two schools is our lead instructors insist on professionalism. All of our young instructors are so very mature and respected by us. Can we up the whole Mountain teamwork?  I think we already are! I am so proud of all my fellow instructors….after all we’re just a bunch of big kid’s chomping our hands and making alligator noises. You envisioned that didn’t you?



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