A play date with Kate



Once a year our ski-school at 49N brings in an outside clinician. Instructors need at least one education credit every year. This year we had Kate from tech-team.I tried not to get excited at the prospect of gleaning from a new clinician, as I already have enough Ed credits. The clinic took priority for instructors who needed the credit. The cost was $30 and $15 if you were clinicing for fun.


It turns out that I got to spend most the day in the clinic! Kate was a great instructor! I also was lucky enough to get to hang with two of our tenured instructor’s. I love it when some of my more seasoned co workers teach me cool things. There are so many great learning opportunities.


We had a great time and everyone learned something new. We spent a lot of time working our hips, (bar stool). I was a bit thankful as a full-bodied woman I got the hips! A few other things we learned were; Bannana, Brap Brap, dead bug, pole drag, airplane poles and LOOK. Out of all the clinic I can say (look) was probably my ahaaa moment.


Probably one of the bestest things ever, is when you get to watch a really great skier ski. I happen to know quite a few, however they’re usually busy breaking down a drill. Always busy teaching or leading. Following the group and constantly accessing.Or just popping of into the trees. That was one thing I got to see Kate ski all day. It was magical and awe-inspiring beautiful! Cooking with Kate PSIA archives 2010

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