The Swans of Swan lake.



“For in your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you’ll be….” J Garland. Yes its Easter soon and He is risen! Easter in my family means the swans are migrating! Yes swans! Tundra swans to be exact, and they are magnificent!

The swans are flocking at Calispell lake near Usk Wa. For the last couple of years the Kalispell tribe has been offering tours. They had only one Swan fest day this year,We missed it.



Unfortunately the lake is privatized. So you can’t get to close, however in years past if the gates were open you were welcome. Before this tour monopoly, photographer’s and locals have enjoyed this migration. But don’t let that get you down, bring some binoculars and be amazed.


The swans are here to eat the agricultural waste from last years farming. So anywhere near here you may see a couple up close. Look for big white birds in fields and water ways. You can spot them off the highway on 395, 211 and 20.


IMG_72841_2These of course were random domestic geese.


The tundra swans are  migrating north to the arctic, up into Canada’s far reaches. They’re not the only bird out there. We saw plenty of Canadian geese and a variety of ducks. They were all making a special symphony just for me. If you get the chance go drive around the lake, you won’t be sorry you did. A big thanks to C,Drake and C,Kennah for their superior I phone pics.

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