Into Supai, Havasu Arizona.




I downloaded this app called instagram a year or so ago. Then began to follow some photographer’s, blogger’s and world traveler’s. The places they traveled and the picture’s they showed, intrigued me. One in particular stood apart, a brilliant blue waterfall in Arizona. So close, exotic, yet so far from home. It has taken quite a bit of planning but, into Supai we go.



The permit process for Havasu falls was a bit of a gamble. February 1st at 7 am the reservation lines would be open. The hype was exactly as stated, thousands of people calling and clicking to race for a reservation. Luckily I had a friend that got through, and just in the nick of time… My reservation was confirmed. Ahhh the stress as literally the constant changing and updating dates aligned! Victory dance!



My daughter and I planned a week-long trip around this adventure. We camped in our rental car at the trailhead for an early morning start. There were about 11 other people sleeping there, and started out at 6 am. There was a steady stream of people headed down the canyon.


The funny thing about this adventure into Havasu falls is …it is what you make it. The trail to Supai is 8 miles long and the falls are 2 miles further. However there are options…. For instance there’s a helicopter that flies to the reservation. You, can fly in or send your bags with them. You can also have the horsemen take your baggage to camp. So things are not necessarily relevant to your situation when your carrying 35lbs for 10 miles and the girl next to you has make-up on and a water pack. She may have just landed and walked 2 miles… Who knows.



Upon reaching the secluded, isolated city of Supai we found a native reservation of old. There were plenty of horses and the house’s were all falling apart. The window’s were somewhat boarded and sheets represented doors often. There was a bright new shiny school and the children were everywhere.After traveling 8 miles down hill we had 2 more to go to the waterfall. The weather was warming up, but a breeze kept us cool in the canyon.






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