Havasu, the myth, icon and legendary waterfall.



Havasu falls, the gem of the Havasupai tribe “the people of the blue-green water”. We were excited after a ten-mile backpack with the rest of the crowd. It took a lot of planning and when we finally got to the overlook of the breath-taking falls…. Meh.


Why the Meh? I mean it was gorgeous, phenomenal, absolutely out of this world! However it was crawling with people. The people were everywhere, they had their floaties, they were trying to swim up to the waterfall. Here we are in utter awe and zen and it’s like we landed at Silverwood. Caly and I took a look and kept on heading to find a camping spot.


Finding a spot to camp was actually harder than I had thought. We ended up a mile down across the creek and hung our hammocks. We headed to the falls, initially we were going to hike to Mooney falls but we were exhausted.


The rest of the day I spent trying to photograph the falls and chasing lizards. The water at Havasu is full of magnesium and calcium carbonate so we soaked our ache muscles.


Stayed tuned for dramatic hike out of the desert oasis. I hope you enjoy the photos and are also inspired!.


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