Out of Havasupai


We really had wished that we could stay another night and explore more of the canyon. It was going to be a long hot ten-mile pack back to the car. After a quick breakfast we loaded up and headed out.


The falls are less busy in the early morning. We were lucky when we stopped at Navajo and rock falls, as there were no crowds. Navajo falls is tucked in and hard to find. It’s actually the first waterfall on the path but a lot of people don’t see it.




The first seven miles of our hike out wasn’t to bad. We hit the last 3 and most our elevation gain mid day. This was a bad idea, I got heat exhaustion and barely made it out. My daughter ended up taking most of the weight on from my pack, she also became heat exhausted. We weren’t the only one’s suffering, other hikers were struggling too.


20180407092422_IMG_020520180407091317_IMG_018920180407092648_IMG_0209.JPGHiking in the desert was beautiful and awe-inspiring. However I think next time we will visit in winter.

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