Should I tour Upper or Lower Antelope canyon?

This was quite a trick question before we embarked into the desert. I researched this topic for hour’s. Blog after blog and really no answer. The fact that there are to very different canyons at Antelope was what is frustrating. Why plan a trip and only see half of the wonder?



I ended up booking 2 very different tour’s at Antelope canyon. They both ran about the same price $50-60 per person. They also offer photography tours for $120-140. The differences are the time you get to spend in the canyon, (and how rigged you are in photography) along with the midday lighting being best time for photo’s. Since this was my first tour we went cheap and did both the upper and lower canyons.

The upper Antelope canyon was led by Navajo tour’s. Our guide was Frank, he was fantastic! He actually set our camera’s for pictures and made time for everything! I would highly recommend their service. However the canyon here is dark, so you’re not getting those jaw dropping colors as much. It was more of a beautiful light show. All the guide’s here seemed a cut above the rest and were respectful of other tours.



We booked Ken’s tours for lower Antelope canyon. The color show here was amazing!  Our guide tried so hard but the groups merged and everyone kinda off just massed along. We really couldn’t see all the stuff he was trying to get us too capture. However the open lighting and colors gave any picture a perfect touch. Our guide here also helped me set my camera for some great shots!



To answer the question, if you go, both of the tour’s are fairly easy and maneuverable. The upper canyon was flat and open. The lower canyon would be hard for someone with bad knees, as there are stairs, ladders and tight spots. If you get the chance to go to Antelope canyon, my personal recommendation is….Do both of course and you won’t regret it!

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