The Grand canyon caverns.


We picked up one of those touring maps at the Havasu tribe office. You know the maps with the highlights not mileage. It’s a tourist map…. I actually prefer these to real maps because you don’t second guess yourself so much. We had already route planned our day and on this map was a big dot announcing The Grand Canyon Caverns. I have seen some great pics from some caverns in Arizona… This has to be it. We are sooo going!



We arrived at the place about 8 am and enjoyed a continental breakfast for 5$. The place was eccentric and nostalgic. There were old cars and dinosaurs everywhere. Inside the walls were full of license plates and record’s. I think I saw Elvis somewhere in the decor. I realised that there are a lot of you who would love this place and ambiance. We  then headed back to the actual tour, which was a mile drive thru more dinosaurs and old cars. To another very eclectic decour’ed building. This one was full of saddles, rock’s and fossils. Old pictures everywhere.

Our tour guide took us down and began a huge cheesy story about the cavern. The history and myth of the whole place. The place was cool on its own so I found myself tottering along as the story continued. One of the neatest things about this tourist pit stop was you can stay the night in the cavern. There’s an open flat with a bed, tv shower. Talk about a great date night. There’s also a movie theatre, where you can get married. About this time I was remembering the Carlsbad caverns were the ones I wanted see. O well we went, it was pretty cool. Some of you may absolutely love this nostalgic tour. The cavern did not disappoint, it was a massive expanse. Here’s a link to see the web site Grand Canyon Caverns Mm 115 Route 66, Peach Springs, AZ 86434

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