The Great Adventure

In less than a week I will embark on one of the greatest adventures of my life. August 12th I will board a jet plane and head down to San Pedro Sula, Honduras for 3 months. I am going to teach the English-language to people in foreign countries. My visa will run out in November. Floyd will then meet me and we will adventure down by bus to Comitan, Mexico. I will very possibly be in Mexico for a year starting a children’s program in an established school. From there I have applied with Advent Missions, and that may take to Guam. I quit my job, where as most of you have seen, I pretty much had it made! I quit my profession, which has been quite a stability. I’m leaving my family here in the states. At this point your probably thinking “What the heck” “she is crazy” and other things of this nature. So let’s go over a little back ground here, so we can both wrap our heads around this.

The first of my greatest adventures that I can really remember was middle and high school! Geez that was just barbaric! Kudos to all you kids trying to just get through that insanity! I was the shyist mousiest weirdest pushover of all the 1997 class. Some of you have already done the math but I’m 39 years old with a 22-year-old daughter. Yes I was a teenage drop out mom at 15. Did I fail? No I persevered, like a mad women. I had my Hailey and shot through the alternative school finishing ahead of time! Took a college course and became a Nurse aid. I had someone more important than just me to care for.

Having children to young and trying to make a perfect life was not really all it was chalked up to be. I failed over and over again. It’s so disappointing to fail, I failed at parenting, at college, at marriage. I had my Calysta and soon after the world actually fell apart. I had a horrendous divorce. Kept both my beautiful daughters and was allowed to go on live a beautiful life with them. We did all those normal things together, preschool, elementary school, church club, volunteer work. I kept on keeping on at work and bought a house. Because all successful adults have a home for their family? My sole purpose was to raise the girls.

The next greatest adventure of my life was brought on by my “mean aunt Linda.” she’s not actually mean, (she’s super fun!) but has been nicknamed so by my cousin. My aunt Linda much like my father is a restless adventuresome soul. As my beautiful daughters got older she started us in on the adventures. We began to love the outdoors, to hike, to ski, to paddle. I will always hold dear in my heart that my children got the chance to not be raised by Tv. We now had a new purpose, and us girls took on the adventure! I made some real good girlfriend’s who also fostered a love for the outdoors. You could find us anywhere outside, lost in the woods!

My next greatest adventure was meeting Floyd. Ohh and it has been an adventure. After a ten-year sabbatical I found him. He came into my life with 4 of those awful teens! In the spirit I took those kids everywhere! I showed an exposed them to everything our budget would allow. But most of all we let our kid’s dictate their own path. I was allowed to raise more beautiful step children. However we brought them all up very differently. Floyd and I embraced the back country and sewed ourselves into the ski season. Always an adventure!

Which of course brings us back to the point. Here I am leaving the country, my family and friends. The truth  is I’m not leaving, I’m right here! Always a phone call away.  My children are no longer little, they need time to figure all this important stuff out without me hounding, nagging and muddling. Using modern technology we can even speak face to face now. What about Floyd! Well he’s super busy Directing lift-ops in the winter and fighting fires in the summer. I’m just a jet plane away. My friends are busy in their own lives too. There may never be a better time for me to travel then now, while I am healthy.

It has taken half of a lifetime for me to learn all that I know now.  I can walk hundreds of miles in the mountains carrying everything I need on my back. Water is more valuable than money. Time is more important than money. Health is the most important. Idleness will destroy you. Invest in people not things. Don’t work yourself to death. Don’t keep working at something you hate. Don’t hold yourself back, YOU CAN DO IT! To name a few. I take all this with me. I keep you all here in my heart and will keep you updated!

A really big thanks to all mentors and peers. Without you I wouldn’t be here. You helped me grow and become who I am today! I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people who influenced my life! I’m going to try this now and hopefully soar! Follow me friends…. Psst we are going on an adventure!




2 thoughts on “The Great Adventure

  1. Have a great time, be safe and always have a buddy with you. I will follow you and pray that you get back to us safe. You are amazing ,I remember when we worked how you you tell us your stories and adventures. God bless you.


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