Las Piscinas


Las piscinas, the pools. I told a friend I was going to Honduras. Her reply “be prepared to sweat”. Sweat is a constant varying degree here. I sweat; when I am holding still, more when I’m walking. I even sweat when I am in the shower. It’s hot here and constantly muggy, even  the rain is warm.


About my fourth day in Honduras I asked my house-mates “can we go swimming?”. The answer was vague… We can go swimming but the river is gross and you need a male escort. However I could go to the pools. The pools sound like such a mythological greek ecstasy at this point.


The pools however in Brisas de Valle are eclectic. The cover charge is 30 lempiras so just over a one USD. The water is three feet deep and murky. It’s piped in from a stream. There are goats and chickens on the hill above you, free entertainment or added waste manure? I really don’t care I am so happy to be submerged in water.


There are three pools in Cofradia, and they are all near each other. Cofradia is 15 minutes by bus and that cost is 10 lempiras. The pool cover here is also 30 lempiras. The best pool is where we went and the water is clear blue and deep enough to swim around in. Many people from this area of Honduras cannot swim so the pools also have shallow areas.


Lastly I don’t know if the kids in Honduras are smarter than the kids in the states or crazier. At both pools the kids and teens were diving, and doing flips. Yes this was in three feet of water. Perhaps they are just more accustomed to usually having to dive shallow. It seemed insane to your truly.


This weekend we may be going to the water park in San Pedro Sula. I really miss jumping in a lake or river when I want. Untill later I’m sure I’ll still be sweating.


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