Zizima is a water park located in San pedro sula.   I would compare it to Silverwood in the Northwest region of the United States. Entry for adults was 220 lempiras about 9$ Usd. Thats a big price difference. Children are 100 lempiras.


Upon entry to the park you will find clean restrooms and lockers. The lockers have a deposit of 40 lempiras. The lady in charge of the lockers warned us to put our shoes inside because they may get stolen. I would hate to spend the day without shoes.


First things first, it’s Honduras and I’m so hot and sweaty. We jumped right into the lazy river. This river definitely was lazy, not much of a current. However don’t we as adults love to lounge around on intertubes.


The wave pool was probably my favorite. As I’ve said before many Hondurans do not swim in this region. So I had the deeper half mostly to myself.  There was even a caution tape across the pool to alert people of the depth.



We had lunch in the park. That took a while as most the food is fried but there was quite a bit of options. Of course I have a hard time ordering food unless it has a number for a meal. Sticking to the pointing method works too. I still haven’t seen a diet coke in Honduras. Saying coca-cola is safe and universal.


After the lunch we took on the water slides. There were about 10 but only 3 were open at a time. We shared a huge intertube and went sailing down the bigger one. There were some tube like slides also but being in the dark and sliding down a water slide was not my cup of tea.


We spent some time in the adult pool. I have to say the kiddie pool was more to my liking but there were no other adults enjoying it so we didn’t tempt our luck. There was also a ropes course but you needed a dry pair of shorts and shoes. It looked pretty knarly!


Overall Zizima was a total bang for your buck and you could literally enjoy the whole day.  The setting and ambience were quaint and it wasn’t jam-packed. They also had a small kiddie zoo with monkeys and parrots. I would definitely say to put this park on the hit list as it is quite a bang for your buck!




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