A weekend in Tela

This weekend I got to take a trip to Tela, Honduras. Tela is an ocean front town on the Carribean sea. It is well known for tourism.

From San Pedro Sula we boarded a bus at the terminal headed to the city. Buses can be a little confusing here. There are buses like our city buses in the states that stop often. Then there are buses like our Greyhound that make less stops and have further destinations. The bus to Tela was 85 lempiras so 3.84$ Usd.

We stayed at the Athena hostel in Tela. The shower was very welcome and my room share was approximately 20$ Usd a night. Some of the other teachers stayed in a 8 person bunk room and their fee was less. The coolest thing about the hostel was we had access to the roof top. I loved looking out on the city at night.

We spent most of our time out on the beach. The water was warm and the fish swam around our feet. Of course this is Honduras, so garbage also swelled around in the water. The beaches were fairly safe and very busy. I do think we were cased by some sleezy figures, but we all just kept a good watch on the bags and stuff. Basically tourists stick out like a soar thumb.

Independence day got a little rough here in Honduras. The people in Tela had a peaceful protest at the municipal. That afternoon on the beach was interesting as the locals were drinking heavily all day. We had a couple confusing conversations with some drunken characters and….then it was just time to go. It was partly our fault as we were lounging outside by a bar, but thats where food and water are.

There was a really good coffee place we came across called Bamboo. In the evening they had music. When your American and walk into a place in Honduras they usually change the music to fit your culture. As typical the man at the coffee shop sang “I did it my way”. Way cooler than starbucks!

Then it was time to head home. We had a bit of trouble getting the right bus out of Tela. When we finally found one we had to stand for half the two hour trip. The trip is approximately 94 kilometers or 58 miles.

All in all Tela was a pretty cool trip. I am starting to understand the buses better and looking forward to embarking out on my own soon. Well not alone as in by myself, just not so codependent on my friends.

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