Lake Yojoa

Lake Yojoa lies 92 kilometers from San Pedro Sula. It is the largest lago or lake in Honduras. We visited with our school for teachers day this year.

From the terminal at San Pedro Sula you can take a bus to the lake. We rode in the back of a pickup, which is an acceptable way of transportation in Honduras. In fact it’s quite common to see many people packed in the back of pickups, even when there full of bananas.

We arrived at Turicentro La Colina which is a resort on the lake. Here we had a lunch of fish or pescado. The fish is farmed locally on the lake.The fish in Honduras is usually fried whole. That means it still has it’s head, scales, fins, everything when it’s put on your plate. Eating a fish like this really takes some getting used to. If your lucky you can mimick a friend and avoid embarrassment.

Next we swam in the pool or piscina. The water was cool but it eventually warmed up. We also took a little stroll and ended up picking some fresh guava! I never really liked guava in the states but fresh guava is delicious!

We were going to take a boat ride in the late afternoon however the weather turned and it was getting to late. The hotel prices were fairly reasonable and as always hostel type rooms were cheaper. For instance 1 person 1 room was 800 lempiras. While 6 people 1 room ran 2000. So 330 lemps a piece.

If I get more time I would like to revisit Yojoa. Perhaps kayak it, and check out the fish farms. Isn’t life always a time balance?

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