The Iguana station

The Iguana station is a non-profit educational center based out of Utila island, Honduras. I was planning a trip to this island and found it on google maps. If you get the chance to visit Utila stop at the Iguana station.



The educational center is fairly easy to find from the ferry dock. You can walk or take a moto-taxi for 20 lempiras. The walk is less than a mile and quaint. The center consists of a large volunteer house with a museum inside. There’s a donation box outside and all tours are free, self guided or not. The website said the fee was 60 lempiras, however staff stated it was free.



My curiosity took me to finding a volunteer and learning about all the work they do. The project is staffed only by volunteers and runs mostly from donations and some grants from various organizations. They spend the time and money; tagging, counting and breeding iguanas and sea turtles. They also manage the mangroves and help educate people on the importance of balance between humans and animals on Utila.


Honduras is native to 4 different iguanas. The swamper iguana is native only to Utila, Honduras. It is an endangered species, therefore making this volunteer effort very important. The swamper iguana only lives in the mangroves on Utila. Which makes the mangroves on the island very important.

After some education and a tour of the educational center. We went out and met some iguanas. The breeder pairs were fairly docile, the adolescents were quite active. The volunteers actually dig up termites nest to feed the iguanas. We also saw various plants of mangroves in the nursery for reforestation.


I honestly really enjoyed my time at the Iguana Station. If I didn’t have plans for this next year I would consider volunteering here. This work is very important and has very little publicity. Click this link to learn more and visit the Iguana station



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