Pulhapanzak falls


There is a tour here in Honduras where you walk into and behind a thunderous waterfall. My roomates at the volunteer house all highly recommended it. Pulhapanzak falls lies between San pedro sula and lake Yoja. You can take a direct bus from the terminal.


There is an entry fee to the waterfall park of $70 lempiras or $3 usd. The falls themselves are quite impressive, and you can swim around in the upper pools. There is a resort and a restraunt here for overnight lodging. Besides walking through a waterfall you can also zip line over it.


The cost to tour through the falls is $200 lempiras or $8 usd. You will be geared up with a hard hat and life jacket by your guide. Besides your guide you will be tailed and escorted by a helper boy. When I went the boy was about 16 years old, however others have said they were guided by an 11-year-old. Whatever the age the boy who is helping was extremely competent.


This tour was not for the faint of heart. The rocks around us were slippery and wet while we clambered around. At times you must jump in the water and just trust your guide and aim for where he landed. The falls pound down on you as you grip a cable and try to keep moving. Sometimes your swimming and pulling yourself along this cable. It’s quite an experience.


Once your inside the falls there is a small cave and time to catch your breathe. You also have to go back through more obstacles to get out of the falls. In the end you can high jump below the falls with the boy. I chickened out at this but Floyd was game. All in all it was definitely outside my comfort zone and I almost balked a couple of times if not for the young boy convincing me to jump!received_299547117438444

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