Jaguar Luna hotsprings




Welcome to Copan Ruinas, Honduras. I have finally arrived despite the detour and am booked into Berakah hostel. Here we are bunked with one other girl but room for a total of 6. It is a very nice and clean place to stay, and I am happy with the accommodations. The price is definitely worth it at 175 lempiras or $7usd.



Our first outing was to the Luna Jaguar hotsprings. The cost here is 300 lempiras for an adult entrance or $13 usd. Besides the main attraction there are also large swimming pools and a restaurant. You can find different outfits to take you there, but we booked thru the hostel for a total of $15usd. The drive was almost an hour so this was way worth it. Also, if you can stay at the hot springs do a tent is provided for an extra 200 lempiras. This is totally worth it because there is a lot to see and do and of course relax!



First things first the grand entry to this very special place. After crossing a swinging bridge you head through a tunnel that has skulls embedded in the stone work. This only sets the stage for what you will be encountering. This hot spring is definitely a spiritual place to renew your soul and refresh your mind.


Some of the highlights are the 7 pools of prayer. You start at the temple on top and the slowly dip down from hot to cold pools praying each pool. There is also an outdoor sauna and steam room. If your feeling romantic or just intrigued enter into the cave. Here the light changes color and basks the cavern floor ( I’m such a pansy I couldn’t go in by myself).  There are also plenty of cold splashing waterfalls and pools as we are in Honduras, and it is usually very warm. One big highlight is the included self spa. The sulfuric clay helps draw out toxins in the skin. Along with a foot detox routine, where you walk around the statue thru hot and cold water. A yin and yang thing but again we do this seven times.


All in all I loved the ambiance and could have stayed days. The grounds are huge and you can easily tuck away with your love or have a girls date! I could honestly stay here for ever!


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