Macaw mountain


If you know me well enough, then you know I love birds! I blame my late grandmother Annabelle for fostering this love, along with my father. It is customary in our family to talk to the birds. Grandma used to go out with the chickens in the morning, and you would hear all the conversations between her and them. Of course I myself have had many bird friend’s; parrots, conures, keets, chickens, turkeys, geese, and peacocks to name a few. That’s probably why I was just ecstatic about going to Macaw mountain. A chance to hang out with the parrots!


Macaw mountain lies a little over 5 miles from Copan. The entry fee is $10 usd or 244 lempiras. You can book a ride through the hostel or find a bus down by the terminal. It is fairly easy to move around Copan. Besides the moto-taxis I have been offered horse rides to some of the places I wanted to go.


Macaw mountain is not a like a zoo. It is a rescue and rehabilitation center for all kinds of native birds. They also raise and release birds into the wild. So you will probably see a parrot in Copan anyway. The birds here are treated very well and live in large enclosures. Unless they’re working birds, these are free to roam in the day and tucked up at night. Most of the birds were healthy and happy. Some newly rescued birds were kind of shabby, but that is expected.


This is another place I could have stayed for days. Talking, singing and dancing to all my feathered friends. If you get the chance to go you definitely should. I am loving Copan and could stay here forever, if I didn’t have other plans.

One thought on “Macaw mountain

  1. Brings back the memories of grandma 💗 however you got the love of birds I did not haha but I still feel the need to feed them so my bird feeders are always full and yes I do talk to them too it’s a Warner thing!


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