The Butterfly garden in Copan.



Mariposario of the Mayan hills resort or the butterfly garden of Copan ruinas. The garden is located on the outskirts of town and was followable by gps. The entry was 100 lempiras or about $4 usd.


The garden features 25 different butterfly species. There is a small learning area about butterfly life cycles and you can witness the breeding first hand. Once inside be prepared to be amazed. Hundreds of butterfly’s and moths flutter around a multi-tiered garden.


We spent almost 2 hours sitting and watching these beautiful insects. Practicing the art of stillness and mindfulness is todays world is a rare thing. The city and surrounding area are so seeped in ancient culture that this is a good place to calm your spirit. However, if you want to lure a butterfly in for a photo being still is the key. Enjoy the photo’s, and if you ever have extra time in Copan stop and see the Mariposario!


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