Ruinas de Copan.


So the main reason to visit Copan, Honduras is to see the ruins. You can actually just walk there as it’s under a mile away. The ticket for entry is $15 usd for foreigners or 100 lempiras for Hondurans. You can also purchase entry to the tunnels for $15 usd or 50 Honduran. The tunnels were not built by the Mayans. Check out visit Copan for more information.


Once you have purchased your tickets you can pick up a guide. It’s ok to negotiate price, and to group yourselves together in this process. Another teacher had also visited the ruins and had paid $5 usd, which I  was also able to negotiate. The tour lasts about 2 hours and is very informative. Our guide (Tony, Anthony after his name day by the Catholic calendar) was hilarious.


The ruins themselves are quite impressive and the hieroglyphs are very well-preserved. There are still Mayan descendents around Copan. My favorite part of the tour was when the guide said that we were entering the Temple of wind as the wind picked up.


The three lines represent 5 years each. The three dots each represent a year. So in Mayan 18 years reign over the people.

The purchase of your ticket also gets you into Las Sepulturas. This was about a 2 mile walk from Copan. The really cool thing about the Sepulturas is they are currently being excavated. So you can actually watch the archeology happen in front of your eyes. Also the trail is beautiful.


I really enjoyed Copan and the ruins are a must see. I think I need to visit some other ruins to get a different perspective. Expecting more time in Guatemala. Good bye Honduras 💧.


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