Climbing Pacaya


A good reason to visit Antigua, Guatemala is to climb a volcano. There are two very different possibilities one is Pacaya which is a day hike. The other is  Acatenango which is an over night back-packing trip. This trip all I had time for was Pacaya.


I booked our bus and guide online for $20usd this was a mistake. They never showed up and I was refunded the money. The time wasted can never be replaced, and you must have a guide to climb the volcano. However there are so many deals available on the street and at the hostel. We ended up getting the whole package for $12usd. Winning! The park fee was $6usd.


The hike was a little steep and the pace was fast. I opted to ride a horse for the half the climb, as I was slowing the group down. My horses name was Zoro and I felt bad for him. Once at the top, we had a splendid view of Pacaya. From there we hiked down in a crater and feasted on some roast marshmallows. We roasted them from the coals of the Volcano. Then we headed up a ridge line and had some snacks as the sun went down. The lava is more visible at night. Hiking back in the dark.


Antigua is the most romantic city I have ever seen. I’m not done here and will be returning soon. For now I have some business in Mexico, then back to Guatemala for a while I hope. Acatenango I’m coming for you!

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