Semuc Champey.


During my travels I saw a couple of pictures of this place and was completely amazed. It was very much like Havasu falls without the huge hike. Also the entry fee was a fraction of the cost 50$ quetzales or 7$usd. If you get to Guatemala, go here!


From Antigua I booked a shuttle through the Three monkeys hostel. Semuc is near the middle of the Guatemalan arm and also the middle of nowhere. A lot of people come down from Flores and Tikal but the bus ride is really long. I booked my stay at Greengos hostel, which I would highly recommend. Our shuttle arrived in San Agustín Lanquín, Guatemala at night and we were to find a truck to take us to the hostel. Of course everyone spoke spanish, so I found myself shuttled to a small restaurant and waited with a gentleman from Israel. Another one of those times where you just have to go with it! Ohhh Guatemala! A couple of minutes later we were joined by a french couple and hopped in the back of the pickup. We rode with some rebar and loads of toilet paper to the hostel! It was surreal cruising the jungle like this at night.


At the hostel I met a friend from Nicaragua, who took me to the park the next day. It was like having a personal guide, he showed me all kinds of things. We hiked up first, it was not a long hike but mid-level in the steepness. At the top was a fantastic view! Heiman said that he sometimes saw howler monkeys. None this time though. Then down to the pools. The river literally runs underneath the pools. The water was a bit cool but of course you have to dive in this. You can also see the fish! I came back from swimming and Heiman had attracted a school of fish that were giving him a pedicure. This place was absolutely gorgeous.


I have been quite a few places in Guatemala and this is a must-do. Usually I save the best photo’s for the blog but this time prepare to be instaspammed! Next up the caves! You can’t miss that either!


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