Kan Ba caves in Semuc Champey Guatemala

Photos by Tim Weaver

In Semuc Champey, Guatemala you can book a tour through a cave by candlelight. The tour is led by a native tribe and the cost was 90 Quitzales or $12 usd. You will be walking and swimming with a lit candle in the cave. Which is harder for some people. Remembering also this is Guatemala and you don’t wear a life jacket or hard hat or even a flashlight. You just have to trust your guide and the boy.


This truly was the craziest experience of my life. I climbed up a waterfall in the dark along a rope. Jumped into black pools of water, slid down natural water shoots. Got stuck myself stuck and had a little panic attack. Looking down a 20 foot drop, where I had very little space at the top to turn around. Got disoriented under water and the boy had to pull me out. I’ve been diving too much so I took a deep breath of water in. Trying to relax in the water while figuring out which way was up. That was stupid! All in all I would do it again.


Afterwards we went to a beautiful waterfall and tubed the green river! This was just an unimaginable day. I’m thankful for flashlights. Keeping a candle lit while swimming and jumping in the water is hard!


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