Isla Mujeres in a day



If you ever find yourself flying into the Cancun, plan to visit the Isla Mujeres. I was there in January, but March is peak season. Spring is when the whale sharks come and add even more magic to the island! I almost skipped it, being the off season and was very glad I didn’t.


The main ferry optionto the island is the Ultra mar , it leaves from the mainland and the hotel strip. The round trip ticket is 300 peseos or $15usd you should buy online or at the terminal ( don’t get scammed). I would also suggest walking to the terminal or grabbing a bus for 7 pesos as the taxi drivers in Cancun peg tourists on a steep price gouge ( if you get on the wrong bus, just calmly get off at the next stop, and retrace your steps to the main road, it’s a 50 cent mistake).


I only gave myself one day, so upon arriving at the island we snagged a golf cart for $40usd. It was worth it because we saw both sides of the island and you must visit both sides. Our first stop was the  Sea turtle sanctuary for $100 pesos, here we identified 4 different types of turtles at various life stages. We literally had to drag ourselves away as baby sea turtles swimming, I could watch that all day. It is a sanctuary so check the link and see if they are releasing any baby turtles on your visit!


Next we headed down the coast line for the south end, and hopefully some snorkeling.  One of the prime snorkeling spots wanted to charge us about 800 pesos, or 45$usd. This is Mexico and I’m not paying that! So we kept going down to the beach, which isn’t a beach… South beach is magic as you can see from all the pictures. There is also a statue of a woman ( Mujeres) that you can touch and will get pregnant. My friend Beth may have touched this statue or been in her presence as she conceived in the Cancun. The place was amazing with all the stone walkways along the water. There were also some ruins here and it had small fee for entry. Definitely one of the coolest places I have ever been, It felt like I stepped of a stair, and was in Greece.


However time was of the essence, so we jumped back in the golf cart… I’m not good at driving a golf cart! Luckily my friend Abigail was there to save the day. Then headed up the other side of the isle. The island is about 7k long and the east side is the most scenic, and less touristy side. While the west side boasts a beach, the east side is open to the public, rugged and most beautiful! It’s the part of the island where you can get some alone time.


However we were a little rushed and kept heading to the north end. This is where everyone was at! Parking was miserable and so were the crowds. The beach was nice but packed, and the yaughts were to pulled up to close to swim around much. You can however get a margarita and a nice covered and elevated beach bed. If that’s what you came here for.


I feel so lucky to have been able to visit this legendary place. We’re not done here, it was just a chance to check the island out and get my feet wet. Anyone up for diving with the whale sharks?



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