El Chiflon


Probably one of the greatest things about being in Comitan is that your close to this iconic waterfall El Chiflon. The waterfall or ( la cascadia) can be a day trip from here or from San Cristobal de la casas. Of course you can also make it an overnight and explore both the trail heads.


From Comitan, Chiapas Mx. walk to the collectivo buses, this is different from other towns as there are two terminals(one for buses and the other for vans). The collectivos are located on the block of 2a calle sur pointe and the main boulevard. Ask for El Chiflon, the other van stations will be happy to point out the right one. When the van is full you’ll be on your way, the cost should be about 35 pesos $2 usd. The vans leave every 20 or 30 minutes.


Make sure your driver knows where your going or gps yourself and ask for “la parada por favor” when you are close. The stop takes you to the main park entrance. However there are two sides and two breath-taking scenes to hike up. We went in the main entrance but the other trail is accessible across the bridge from the bus stop.


The main entrance is a short walk up the road, if your alone consider taking a moto-taxi from the bus stop. The cost for the entry fee is 30 pesos or $2usd. The bracelet is your ticket and you are now in somewhat of a safe zone within the parks borders. Keep walking up or if you head left and down at the first chance you get you’ll discover a hidden gem of a trail and some privacy.


Your first stop will be through some kiosks and an iguana station. I have seen quite a few iguanas but these were huge 5 foot mammoth creatures, so worth a look. After this you can grab a bite to eat or check-in for booking at The lodge (there are many places to stay also outside the park in the village.) Then its time to start hiking up the entire trail is about 3/4 of a mile and steep.


There are a series of five water falls here amid the bright blue waters. The Bridal Veil is the most famous and the largest cascadia at 120 meter drop, though it can be extremely busy and slippery on the viewing deck. The trail to the top is worth another steep 360 meters. The last of the waterfalls is my personal favorite as many people don’t make the hike. Therefore it isn’t as busy and you can catch some time alone, to reflect on the beauty before you.


On your way back down make sure to jump in one of these amazing pools and have a swim in the cool water. You can’t actually swim in the waterfall pools as that is considered a protected area. If your feeling adventurous you can catch a series of zip-lines to the bottom! All three zip-lines will cost you about 500 pesos or $26usd. Can’t beat that price.


I suggest you leave the park early as getting a bus back can be a little tricky. Just head back out to the bus stop and look for a van with a sign marked for Comitan.The driver said the collectivos run untill ten p.m. but I wouldn’t press your luck, sometimes there is only standing room on the van with no seats left.


I’m sure that this isn’t the only trip I’ll be taking to the falls as it is so close to my home base. Mexico is beautiful and the terrain varies from one side to the other. I am looking forward to exploring it and sharing Chiapas de Corazon (the heart of Chiapas) with you!

3 thoughts on “El Chiflon

  1. So which waterfall (@ top) was your fave? Name? Beautiful pics but unsure which is the iconic Bridal veil? Do you have ability to leave caption or any info on pics? Ty! Nice article with less of useful info.


    1. Thanks Ronee! Sometimes I can put in captions but it depends on the internet speed. The biggest problem is getting the pictures to load, which sometimes takes hours. The bridal Veil is the big waterfall in the back drop. I can’t remember the name of all the falls but I’ll let you know which is my favorite! We had a hail storm here in Mexico today, the great snow-apocalypse! Miss you!


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