Tenam Puente



Tenam Puente is a Mayan ruin very close to Comitan. Though the ruin itself dates to the classical era 300ad to 600ad, the place was more inhabited during the early post classic time frame 900ad to 1200ad. So far in Mexico and Central America I have been to four different mayan ruins.


To get to Tenam Puente from Comitan, Mexico you simply look for the van or collectivo with a marked sign. We had asked at the comvi terminal and were told to wait and watch for our ride. The cost was 25 pesos or 1.25$ usd and the ruins are about 12 kilometers away or 7.5 miles. The vans run until 4:30 pm in the evening from the last stop at the ruins. The lady at the desk can reach them by dispatch to let the driver know people are waiting.



The entrance fee was 45 pesos or 2.5$usd. We had to leave our bags in  attended lockers but I was allowed to take my camera and of course water. The site in itself is not to extensive and the best part is you get to climb up most the ruins. There are many levels of the acropolis and of course the very top is off-limits. Something different about this site was a cross built-in with the ruins. This of course makes no sense, however the local towns-people placed at a later time. The kiosk here stated that this  is where the people pray for rain. There is also the procession of the Virgin Heart of Mary, every year the first Sunday in August before the 22nd.



I loved getting out of the bustling city and sitting quietly through this ancient city. Ruins hold so much history, and the heavy feeling of age and wisdom. Though there is very little artistry or fancy stone work at this site. My first ruin experience was in the Copan Ruins and I didn’t think it was that cool. Now I can see how well-preserved everything was there and have a better appreciation for Mayan ruins. Which is probably a good thing because we’re going to be visiting some more friends!

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