Grutas del Mamut

The caves of the Mammoth, was like a step back in time. Besides the welcoming cool air the cavern was the biggest I have ever seen. Caving in Mexico is definitely different from in the states as the safety standards are not the same. However walking on slippery dim-lit paths where holes and gaps may lead to peril is right up my alley!


To get to the caves you need to go to San Cristobal de la casas. Which in itself is quite a magical city. I would liken it to my experiences in Antigua Guatemala, definitely a destination worth visiting. From Comitan we took a collectivo for 70 pesos which is roughly $3.5 usd. This can be done as a day-trip but there is so much to do in San Cristobal that you could stay for weeks.


A big difference here in translation is the word grutas vs cuevas for use of the term caves. The funny thing about Spanish is it changes country to country. When you think about it though english changes even through the states y’all! During my travels I met a friend in Guatemala, from Liverpool UK and had the hardest time understanding what he was saying!


From San Cristobal finding the van to the Grutas is not necessarily easy. In fact we received directions from the information both and did not find a van. After asking for directions a couple of times and quite a bit of walking we found it. Perhaps this is because of different route and time variables of the collectivo circuits. Anyways the trip to the caves cost us 15 pesos or $1usd.


The park itself is quite large you can zip-line, rent a boat, or hike around. The entrance fee was 10 pesos or $.50usd and the cave was also 10 pesos. Of course there’s food! I always over pack on food because in the US there is never food. However, it’s a huge cultural difference here in Mexico and Central America. You can literally be in the middle of nowhere and there’s three or four vendors to choose from. Who wants to eat an energy bar when there are tacos or fried chicken!


Hope you liked the pictures! If you get the chance to visit these caves I would suggest a headlamp and sturdy shoes. The cave can be explored in half the day and the way back is easier as vans pull up every 15 minutes or so. Or you can visit another place close by, but that’s another blog post!



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