The Misol-ha Waterfall.


I did not expect on this quick trip to Palenque that we would be getting everything done that I had wanted to see and do. However due to the fact that we bought the package tour, we ended up stopping at Misol-Ha waterfall. All I can say is 30 minutes is not long enough.


The waterfall is located on the Palenque to Oosingos highway 199. If you’ve done your research, the highway is not recommended for night travel by tourists. The area is prone to road blocks and such, but is safe during the day when the shuttles are running We did take this highway back home and I can see why, especially over the steep winding remote area’s with small villages. The route to Misol-ha itself seems safe and I saw some wild Macaws outside my window as we entered the highway.


The waterfall was busy and crowded when we arrived. Cost for entry is 20 pesos or a $1usd, our fee was in the package. We had 30 minutes to see the falls and it was time to run. The first path we took down showed us another path behind the falls, time not being our friend we ran back up the stairs. The other trail looped around the pool and then behind the falls. It was awesome and the views were amazing!



Again this is Mexico so let’s add in a , but wait there’s more! The trail continued on to a cave!  The cost for the cave tour was 10 pesos or $.50 usd. I felt like we didn’t have time so I headed back to the van. The cave itself was 50 meters trek to a deep round pool of approximately 23 meters in  circumference, and you were welcome to swim in it. Booo, We really needed more time.


Again I could literally spend an entire weekend here, and there are cabins. Another thing we missed at Misol-ha is the trail to the top of the falls. The mirador or lookout also has pools to swim in. However getting all these stops off the touring list, and seeing everything has been the up side. Stayed tuned as the entire reason for visiting Palenque will be up next in this series of blogs.

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