Agua Azules, Palenque.


If you’ve been keeping up with the blog your probably laughing. Yes, but once again, I have visited the blue water. However back in the States isn’t there three Deer Park’s in Wa? The waters blue, lets keep it simple.  I think most people who visit Chiapas, Mexico try to hit up Agua Azules. It was quite a powerful waterfall over a huge expanse of blue pools.


From Misol Ha waterfall we continued on our little van tour to La Cascadia de Agua Azules. The transport vans drop you off at the bottom of the falls. Finding a van from Palenque to the falls should not be hard or very costly, however there is also an entry fee.


At the base of the falls there is camping and cabanas. As you hike up the falls the vendors and artisans line the other side of the path. While we were here empanadas were 5 for 20 pesos, YUM!  I wouldn’t say it was a crowded place as you could sneak in some space. However there are plenty of tourists around, so you may find yourself in line waiting to take a shot of the falls on a platform.


There are different allotted safe areas for swimming in the pools. In the other areas, the water is forcibly crashing and creating a magical mist. The water is cold and the day we went wasn’t very warm, so a pass for me.


We had decided to go early in the season as at times these falls are not so blue. During the rainy season in Mexico the falls sometimes turn a brownish color. Although they were beautiful, alas I have seen better. Of course you should not miss this waterfall if you are in the area. The big three (Agua Azules, Misol Ha, and the ruins) are totally worth it! I highly suggest visiting Palenque, and the howler monkeys!

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