Chinkultic is a little jem tucked away along the edge of Lagos de Montebello National park. I was really impressed with the ruins, mostly because of the beautiful location. Though not very large or well preserved the views here were absolutely amazing.




From Comitan I caught the small van heading towards the Lagos de Montebello and that was about 60 pesos or $3usd. I wasn’t to worried about getting lost because I had more than a day to travel and enough cash to hold me through. After learning of the ruins approximate location, I used my google maps to land me in the spot I wanted. I was all smiles as I started to walk down an old country road on the outskirts of town. From were I first stepped off the van I could see my destination, and the jaunt was only 1.6 kilometers.



The ruins themselves are free to enter however you are expected to sign into the register as is standard to many sites in Mexico. From the entry point your first visit will probably be to a massive quadrangle of acropolis (city) The Mayans were thought to occupy this ruin from 100ad. to 700ad. However, it was suspectedly used as a necropolis (cemetery) in 1100 ad. After a little bridge and a short stroll in the forest head up to the other platforms and enjoy the views. As you can see from the pictures besides this structure there is also a cenote with a awe inspiring cliff back-drop.


The day was slightly cloudy and the temperature was mild so I also scouted around the area, every nook and cranny. On your way out try not to miss the ball court and the building of the slabs. Not only was the view of the ruins great from that point, but there was a well preserved warrior carving. If you find yourself in this area I definitely recommend stopping here as part of your day. It took less than an hour to get here and the grouds themselves are quite peaceful. After a short walk back to the main road it was time to hop in another van and head to the lake!

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