Lagos de Montebello, Cinco Lagos.



The next day off from work I headed back up to check out the five lakes of Montebello. The ride from Comitan, Mx. was a little over an hour and after having had explored the region, we got off at the correct stop. The entry fee again here was 25 pesos or a little over a usd dollar. The man at the kiosk reminded us that our ticket was for the whole park and gave us all kinds of tips. We decided that walking would be a refreshing way to sight see the lakes and clocked in a few miles over the course of the day.




From the kiosk to the main view point and the only place with food wasn’t very far, and the jungle was a refreshing change of pace. After grabbing a fresh squeezed orange juice we descended the stairs and that ended at the legendary rafts of the lakes. The rafts themselves looked fairly sturdy and there were life jackets available with your guide. The quoted cost from the raft guys was 150 pesos or $7.50 usd dollars for a half hour ride. I really just wanted pictures of people out on the rafts so we balked. From this center area we kept heading down the road and found so many magical view points. Somehow and without realizing it we went to a different area that wasn’t in the National parks jurisdiction. However there really isn’t much on the web about this particular area, I’ll expain this more in depth in the next blog.




At the y of the road we headed off to a cenote that we never ended up finding. Then after possibly taking a nap on a rocky beach and quite a bit of sunburns, my friends and I headed back towards the kiosk at the park entrance. The day had boasted some very scenic and beautiful water views and the colors were amazing. The other reason I was intrigued by the area were the Grutas San Rafael del Arco or caves. So on the way out…


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