The Yellowstone Hot springs.


Living in Yellowstone was great and while I really did enjoy all the hot springs, it left me longing for a real good soak. Luckily a couple of miles from the North entrance of the YNP lies a classy, revamped spring open to the public. Getting the chance I grabbed my swimsuit and headed up to Gardiner.



The Yellowstone hot springs are about 6 miles north of the quaint little town of Gardiner MT. They’re usually only open between 1 and 9 pm. The cost is subjective as it’s 18$ usd, or 10$ if your from the area ( or MT. the reason for this being the property tax hikes for the working class.) So a win-win for everyone except the tourist’s. There are three pools here but don’t let that fool you as one is quite cold at a 66 degrees or so. The hottest pool is usually hanging about 100 degrees but can get packed full of people. The unsung hero of these particular pools is the grand pool. At 0-3+ feet deep and of varying temperature this pool is truly delightful with jets  and tucked away underwater benches.



These springs have recently been remodeled and the ambience is serene. The gardens are well kept, they also have a gas fire pit to cuddle around and dry off. As you can see in the photos, the backdrop is gorgeous. Keep an eye out for the many elk; prong-horn and mountain goats. I actually ended up attending twice and would recommend spending the evening here if you have time.


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